Home is where the Heart is…

…and my heart’s here in Buffalo. I have always been passionate about this city and its historical contributions to modern-day society. From the Erie Canal to the Pan-Am Exposition, to the Grain Elevators and Buffalo Central Terminal, this blog is intended to evaluate all aspects of the history of Buffalo, and the development of these landmarks today.

In 2012, we are surrounded by developers who are looking to improve Buffalo in order to return this city to its “original glory.” These recent developments include proposals for the waterfront and outer harbor, as well as restorations to historical buildings like the Statler, Hotel Lafayette and the Buffalo Central Terminal. While many strides have been taken, there are still many historical sites that have fallen by the way side. I will evaluate every corner of Buffalo from what it was then to what it is now, whether it has been improved and restored, or abandoned and left to crumble. I will also highlight many of the recent development plans, such as those for the outer harbor and old wharf, including recent plans for the old site of the Memorial Auditorium and Webster block.

The city of Buffalo has had its fair share of ups and downs. From its glory days as the center of industry, to its downfall as a barren city. Not to mentions its lack luster sports teams (and by lack luster, I mean I’m a huge fan that has been let down one too many times).

Its time to start turning around the image of this city, and letting people know that we’re more than just snow storms and chicken wings (not that either is a bad thing, of course). This blog was created to highlight the historical architecture and events that give Buffalo it’s identity, and to show what has become of these historical sites (for better or for worse).

Buffalo then and Buffalo now – a historical evaluation of what this city was, what it is re-developing into now, and everything in between.

Check out the next three pages to learn more about Buffalo Then in the Historical Buffalo tab, Buffalo Now in the Buffalo Today tab, and miscellaneous posts about the City of Good Neighbors in the Buffalove tab.


3 responses to “Home is where the Heart is…

  1. I’m really excited for your blog. I was born and raised in Buffalo and came right back to the city after undergrad. As much as I can’t stand it sometimes, Buffalo is a special place and I’m proud to call myself a Buffalonian. Hopefully you can change some of the ill-opinions others have formed about our city and shopw them what Buffalo really has to offer.

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