Retractable-Roof Stadium Proposed for Outer Harbor

I woke up this morning and read an interesting article on The Buffalo News’ website about a proposal for a retractable-roof stadium on the outer harbor. While talks have lingered about a downtown stadium to replace The Ralph for years now, this is the first time blueprints have been drawn up and a proposal will be made to the Common Council. The stadium would seat 72,000 and double as a convention center – another building in downtown Buffalo that has been long-discussed as needing to be replaced. The complex would also serve as a concert venue, converting into a 20,000-seat venue for such events – an alternative the often-complained-about Darien Lake concert scene? Perhaps.

The preliminary plan was drawn up by the Greater Buffalo Sports & Entertainment Complex, in conjunction with HKS Sports & Entertainment – the architectural and engineering firm behind the new Cowboys and Colts stadiums. The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester has also shown interest in the site, proposing a North American Museum of Sports and Culture to incorporate into the complex. The purpose is to build a complex that will bring in crowds all year long, and help in developing the long-forsaken outer harbor of Buffalo.

The question now is, will this proposal be approved by the Common Council? And will it have the political backing of city, county, and state legislature? If so, will the NFL give this proposal the green-light? By doing so, this would give the Bills a solid future in Buffalo, with no more worries about the future of the team once ownership changes.

Read more about the proposal at here.


One response to “Retractable-Roof Stadium Proposed for Outer Harbor

  1. I want this to happen!! Really the reason is I think that our generation has been cheated out of using our water space for “good” traffic (tourism) and appealing places to go. I was in Cleveland recently and even though their football staduim isn’t extravagant, it’s on the water, and I wouldn’t help but think…I really wish ours was on the waterfront of Lake Erie. I really like the pictures you have on here, too. It’s interesting to see these structures in before and after photos.

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