Where were you when the world stopped turning…

on that September day?

And now, a tribute to today. I distinctly remember 11 years ago, sitting in my 6th grade science class with my teacher, Mr. Curtin, when Mrs. M (our English teacher), walked into our classroom in tears. She whispered something to Mr. Curtin, and our class was then directed to another classroom, where students in grades 6th-8th gathered around a television, and watched the horror of the terrorist attacks. Like many others, we turned on that television screen just in time to watch the second plane crash into the towers in real-time. Did I know at the time what exactly was going on? No, not a clue. In fact (and I’m almost too ashamed to admit it), I remember my mom picking me up from school that day and asking her “Hey Mom, did you hear what happened?” – as if the world already didn’t know – the ignorance of a child heard in my voice.

We remember those who lost their lives, and especially those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of others, including the first responders, police officers, firefighters, and the heroes on Flight 93 who took the plane down in Pennsylvania.


One response to “Where were you when the world stopped turning…

  1. I was also in 6th grade when the attacks happened, technology class actually. I will never forget the shock and horror of the day. My teacher, Mr. Milsom, let us watch the news for the rest of the period, as did most of the other teachers. I will also never forget the footage of the second tower falling, watching the death of thousands of people in just a second or two. My thoughts and prayers still go out to all of those affected by those tragic events.

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